Irish Exhibition game in New York

The following players have been chosen to represent Ireland on June 8th in Middletown, New York. They will face-off against a NY Section IX All Star Team comprised of current and former college players. Over 70 men tried out for a chance to play against team Ireland. Click Here for Game Details

# Name Position Ireland Connection
3 Mike Conway LSM/D Roscommon
4 Matt Sharkey M/FO Sligo/Donegal/Galway
5 Chris Cook A/M Dublin/Kerry
7 George Calvert M Kerry/Roscommon
9 Tom Riley M Kerry/Donegal
11 Connor English A/M Dublin
12 Kris Prior A Leitrim/Donegal
14 Kyle Ewanouski D Mayo
15 Colin O’Donoghue A/M Listowel/Kerry
16 Matt Walsh A Cork/Leitrim
17 Patrick Johnston D/FO Donegal/Galway
18 Connor Entenmann A/M Donegal
20 Connor Sweeney Goalie Cork
21 Chris Byrne D/LSM Mayo
22 Billy Donovan A Cork/Drimoleague
26 Rick Iacopelli M/FO Limerick
27 Brian O’Donnell Goalie Mayo
28 Brendan Walsh M
29 Chris Finn A Roscommon
30 Danny Jacobsen D Leitrim/Roscommon
31 J.T. Prior D Leitrim/Donegal
32 Kevin Owens M/FO Tipperary/Donegal
33 Pat English D/LSM Dublin
34 Gil Swenson D/LSM Galway
35 Brendan Treanor D Armah
36 John Mulligan M Mayo/Dublin


Coaches: Tom Prior, Richie Moran, Bob Deegan, Tim Weir
Official: Dick Pepper
Trainer/Physical Therapist: John Cavanaugh
Administration: Jimmy Carroll, Larry Carroll

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