2013 Celtic Open Cup



The Celtic Open Men’s Lacrosse Tournament is looking for men’s teams from the USA, Canada, the UK and Europe to take part in this year’s competition. This 4-day tournament will run alongside the Celtic Cup 2013, an international lacrosse tournament showcasing the skills of the national teams of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France, ensuring that there will be plenty of first-rate lacrosse on offer!

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This event is being run in conjunction with The Gathering 2013 and Tourism Ireland.


Irish Exhibition game in New York


The following players have been chosen to represent Ireland on June 8th in Middletown, New York. They will face-off against a NY Section IX All Star Team comprised of current and former college players. Over 70 men tried out for a chance to play against team Ireland. Click Here for Game Details

# Name Position Ireland Connection
3 Mike Conway LSM/D Roscommon
4 Matt Sharkey M/FO Sligo/Donegal/Galway
5 Chris Cook A/M Dublin/Kerry
7 George Calvert M Kerry/Roscommon
9 Tom Riley M Kerry/Donegal
11 Connor English A/M Dublin
12 Kris Prior A Leitrim/Donegal
14 Kyle Ewanouski D Mayo
15 Colin O’Donoghue A/M Listowel/Kerry
16 Matt Walsh A Cork/Leitrim
17 Patrick Johnston D/FO Donegal/Galway
18 Connor Entenmann A/M Donegal
20 Connor Sweeney Goalie Cork
21 Chris Byrne D/LSM Mayo
22 Billy Donovan A Cork/Drimoleague
26 Rick Iacopelli M/FO Limerick
27 Brian O’Donnell Goalie Mayo
28 Brendan Walsh M
29 Chris Finn A Roscommon
30 Danny Jacobsen D Leitrim/Roscommon
31 J.T. Prior D Leitrim/Donegal
32 Kevin Owens M/FO Tipperary/Donegal
33 Pat English D/LSM Dublin
34 Gil Swenson D/LSM Galway
35 Brendan Treanor D Armah
36 John Mulligan M Mayo/Dublin


Coaches: Tom Prior, Richie Moran, Bob Deegan, Tim Weir
Official: Dick Pepper
Trainer/Physical Therapist: John Cavanaugh
Administration: Jimmy Carroll, Larry Carroll

June 2012 Exhibition Game

Irish Team Exhibition Match

On Friday June 8th, 2012 Irish team players will face off under the lights on an early summer evening in an exhibition match against a college select team in Middletown, New York.

Irish Team Exhibition Match

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2012 Ireland Women’s National Lacrosse Team Announced

DUBLIN — With the announcement of the 18-player Women’s National Team, Ireland now has two squads that will aim to equal or exceed the accomplishments of its 2008 National Teams at the 2012 European Championships in Amsterdam.  At the 2008 European Championships, held in Finland, Ireland’s men finished sixth among 18 teams while Ireland’s women finished fourth among 10 teams.  With the ongoing growth of lacrosse, both divisions will most likely have even more teams competing this year.
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